This bus slowly maneuvered the passage along the Needles Highway in South Dakota and with breath-taking awe didn’t get stuck!  This area is famous for rock climbing on granite needle-like peak formations along the highway.   I count myself lucky to often be in the right place at the right time and this was no exception.  You may even notice that there are people standing on the granite ledges above the bus to the left and directly above.


I was lucky enough to be on the ground on the approach.  Then mostly, bold enough to weave my way through several other onlookers and picture takers to get to the front and take this shot.  I don’t think the driver had more than an inch or two to spare on either side of the bus.


Gidget in the Pocket
Gidget in the Pocket

This is my little Yorkshire, Gidget, when she was a puppy. This little dog is the light of my life and makes me laugh and smile all the time. When she was this size she would bounce around the grass in the front lawn just like a bunny rabbit. She’s a bit older now as am I but she still puts a smile and laugh in my life everyday.