Here is my new Weekly Photo Challenge for Perspective.  I’m not sure if I have the full size image or additional surrounding image to show you but it’s a close up.  But, I know what it is.  Do you?  Will reveal in a few days if someone does not guess right away.  Have fun.

Clue:  It’s a large part of something very large… much larger.
Clue:  It can take you anywhere you want.
Clue:  It the inside of the part.
Clue:  If you don’t think you know just wing it with a try.
Clue:  It’s part of an airplane.

Answer:  It’s the jet engine of an older jet plane and the picture was taken by standing in front of the engine.

When in Prescott AZ, we gather with neighbors most nights and have a splendid fire blazing.  Can you identify what is burning on this fire.

What's Catching the Flame
What’s Catching the Flame

I’ll post up the answer in a day or two.  Taken with my trusty iPhone 5 on a cold night by the fire.

What do you think they are building here at Hoover Dam?

I took these pictures on one of my numerous trips between Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Not to gamble though I must say. Don’t gamble except when I’m shopping for a good pair of shoes. The drive was always slow going through the dam especially after 9/11 when you had to go through security checks on both the Nevada and Arizona side. It reminded me of crossing borders between countries instead of states but necessary. It amazed me to watch this creation in process.

Building Hoover Dam Bridge in 2009
Building Hoover Dam Bridge in 2009 – Arizona Side
Building Hoover Dam Bridge 2009 – Nevada Side
Building Hoover Dam Bridge 2009 – Nevada Side