When I saw Katie’s image it reminded me of my travels, though typically I visit a much warmer location.  However, I always enjoy pictures of the ocean as it breaks against a pier.  I did my typical small changes to the image in Lightroom where the image was cropped, exposure was edited slightly, vibrance was popped up quite a bit along with the blue and aqua in luminance and saturation.  Then the image was brought into Photoshop where mostly I just did a few burns against the mountain area along the water line and then did a new change for me where on a newRead More →

The first bit of editing for the image was done in Lightroom where the following steps were taken. 1.  Exposure       -1.19     Exposure was adjusted several times and finished here 2.  Highlights          83 3.  Shadows           36 4.  Vibrance            14    Vibrance was adjusted a couple of times 5.  White Clipping     2   I had increased white clipping considerably and then brought it back down 6.  Black Clipping  -21 7.  Clarity                43 8.  Saturation          19 9.  Crop                            A considerable portion of the river and a small amount of the sky were cropped out. 10. Blue Hue Shift     4   The next five steps were done to increase the blueRead More →

This picture was taken on Paradise Island Nassau with my old and trusty MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA (DiMAGE X). So, that accounts for the somewhat lower resolution image. But I still enjoyed sneaking up on them and catching a few shots. I couldn’t believe the just stood there and occasionally re-positioned themselves just out of my reach.Read More →

Reflections along the boat docks on Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho are a stunning array as the shades of blue colorize the water.  This picture was taken with my first digital camera, a Minolta DiMage, and though I like it would not be suitable for a larger print format due to the limitations of the camera.Read More →

We were headed for the Prickly Pear Cays on Day 2 of our catamaran cruise but couldn’t venture through the opening to get to calm side on seal island.   So we continued on to Maunday’s Bay and dropped anchor off of the beach side near Juluca Hotel which is on the southwest side of Anguilla for a lunch and swim in the area.   Played in water for several hours with noodles, snorkel and paddle board.  Basia and Gus gave a try on the paddle board. Basia did great. Gus not so much. Durf.. paddle board to paddle board ace.  Later Gus got the hang ifRead More →