I once saw a vivid piece of photo art that captured the Venice canals in all their color and history.  Since then I wanted to visit there myself and look for the same spot.  I didn’t find where the picture was taken but that didn’t stop me from shutter bugging over 100 images in Venice alone.  Even though the days were cloudy the colors still shown through. To view the full size image click on the SmugMug Logo.  Read More →

Italy is a romantic eye opening country to visit and I love it, especially Venice.  Gus and I first saw Venice through the eyes of another after seeing a picture of a Venice Canal Scene in 2007 while visiting Las Vegas.  Since then we had wanted to see Italy in person.  In 2012 during the spring our wish came true and we spent 3 weeks exploring Italy.  While there we were able to spend 4 days in Venice looking for the canal from the picture.  Of course, with my Nikon D60 in hand I took numerous pictures while in Venice, Rome and Florence. The firstRead More →