When Gus and I started dating an eon ago, our first vacation together was to Maui, Hawaii. At that time, a long – long time ago, digital cameras had not been invented. So, you know how ancient that was. In learning to use this Nikon FG camera I was self taught and I loved it. It was somehow easy for me to just adjust the aperture and timing knowing what was going to be achieved. Instead of looking back at the image you saw what was happening through the lens and adjusted accordingly. Later that camera was stolen from our luggage while on the way to a trip to Tahiti. I didn’t get to take a single camera shot of that trip. After that I started using the Minolta DiMage but greatly missed the Nikon FG. I do need learn to use the manual settings again.

Upon returning home it was with at least 20 rolls of film in hand. I still have the negatives from that trip but the one for the Maui Shack was lost. This picture is a picture of a picture since I had the negative enlarged at print. Still, for some reason I loved it so much that after learning how to use Photoshop I went about recreating it to hang in the bathroom along with The Chocolate Factory.

Original Scan from 8×10 image

The scan has been manipulated with Photoshop;  the colors enriched, enlarged to fit a 20″x24″ frame along with whatever other tricks in Photoshop I could find to make for a more dramatic finish.  Photo-painting can be a lot of fun and gives you a vast amount of creative liberty.

Maui Shack After Photoshop
Maui Shack After Photoshop