While at Suzanne’s hubby’s birthday party she showed me a picture of their dog,  Zoso.  This picture was their only picture of him as a puppy.  It had been printed on regular copy paper and had a lot of water damage. As she showed me the picture she said, “is there any way you might be able to restore the image”? I seriously had my doubts but decided to give it a try.  She had seen the vintage restoration that I did a few weeks ago and she had more faith in me than I did.

First I scanned the original as a PDF.  Then brought it into Lightroom and did the basic enhancements; bumping darks and balancing whites along with sharpening. Then it was opened in Photoshop so that I could use the various Healing Brush Tools; Patch, Regular Healing and Spot Healing. Then used the Burn Tool to redefine some areas. It was fun using the Healing Brush to build up the puppies hind end. Then the image went back into Lightroom for final touches including a Vignette.  Fun project that only took about 2 hours with much better results than I anticipated.  Suzanne was pleasantly surprised.

My good friend, Susan, has been remodeling her guest bathroom and wanted a long vertical picture to hang over the commode.  She brought me a picture of a door knocker that she had taken in Italy.  It was roughly a 12 x 18 picture and she wanted it to be 8 x 23.  We ended up with 10 x 23 but had to grow the wood area of the picture to do it.

View above the Commode

This was done by adding copy paste layers of the wood work at the top and bottom of the door knocker and then merging the layers. The smug tool was used to try to blend in the area where the layers were added, burn tool was used on the knocker itself to enhance it and the colors were enriched.

Katie Prior's Image - The Cobb
Katie Prior’s Image – The Cobb

When I saw Katie’s image it reminded me of my travels, though typically I visit a much warmer location.  However, I always enjoy pictures of the ocean as it breaks against a pier.  I did my typical small changes to the image in Lightroom where the image was cropped, exposure was edited slightly, vibrance was popped up quite a bit along with the blue and aqua in luminance and saturation.  Then the image was brought into Photoshop where mostly I just did a few burns against the mountain area along the water line and then did a new change for me where on a new layer, I used the color replacement tool and picked a light blue to adjust the skyline from gray to more of a blue-gray.  Thanks, Katie for the lovely image and to Stacy for keeping the ball rolling.

Visual Venturing Katie’s Image

Robin Kent Image edited by KChengelis – KCinAZ
Original Robin Kent Image
Original Robin Kent Image

I didn’t do a great deal of editing to Robin’s already great image. In Lightroom, the image was sharpened and a few changes made to exposure. I tried to bring down the yellow cast in the building and did so a bit. Mostly I cropped the image and removed the people from the foreground grassy area. In Photoshop the blue in the sky was increased using a mask so that the building and grass were not changed. Also, the burn tool was used to deepen the color of the grassy area.

To check out all the other versions, visit Stacy’s One Photo Focus.

A portion of a wall in a historical site on the Island of Crete. .

A portion of a rustic wall on the exterior of a historical site on the Island of Crete. I’ve included a sign from the site dedicated in 1947 is below.  Unfortunately, I don’t  read Greek so I’m at a loss to where or what the site was. I believe it was barracks or a military site during WWII but am not positive.  Click HERE to see more entries from this weeks Challenge.


Crete008 (550)

My heart is going out for these two newborn hummingbirds nesting in a low branch over our pond.  They are crying out to mom for breakfast.  I am hoping she will come soon to give them their treat. They were 1-2 days old at this moment and mom had been coming and going to feed and keep them warm.

Newborn Hummingbirds Crying out for a Meal
Newborn Hummingbirds Crying out for a Meal

A few days later my heart is going out even more now. A hummingbird who I think was the mom flew into our kitchen window and knocked the air out of her wings. She did get up and fly away and I hope she is not too injured. I’ve been watching closely. That same day she did come back to the nest and kept them warm overnight. Our temperatures are not as cold here but still too cold at night for newborn birds. Yesterday, I saw her at the nest in the morning and she was standing up on the nest edge looking up. Later that day didn’t see her at all nor through last night. I’m worried. This morning the little babes are snuggled together in the nest and mom is still nowhere around. I hope she is just off looking for food for her and her young. I’ll try to give them hummingbird food with a dropper if I don’t see her later today. And then bring the nest into our home to keep them warm. Odds are if she is gone that I won’t be able to help them survive but I will try anyway. But, I won’t move the nest until I’m definitely sure she is not coming back for her babies.  I am sad but hopeful.

3/8/2015 1:00 pm:  I did a little research on how to help these little hummers survive and found this link for Find A Rehabilitator ad Wildlife Info.org.  They had a rescue house in the East Valley.  I dropped off the babies to Paul and Gloria just a few hours ago.  They said the babies were 8-10 days old and at the chance for survival was good.  I took a last picture of the little ones as I gave them up.  Their chances are much better with Paul and Gloria as the bird need fed very often.  If I recall its at least every 30 minutes or more and they will use a special formula for them.  I hope that they keep me updated with good news.

They are sleeping as I drop them off at the bird rescue
They are sleeping as I drop them off at the bird rescue