My heart is going out for these two newborn hummingbirds nesting in a low branch over our pond.  They are crying out to mom for breakfast.  I am hoping she will come soon to give them their treat. They were 1-2 days old at this moment and mom had been coming and going to feed and keep them warm.

Newborn Hummingbirds Crying out for a Meal
Newborn Hummingbirds Crying out for a Meal

A few days later my heart is going out even more now. A hummingbird who I think was the mom flew into our kitchen window and knocked the air out of her wings. She did get up and fly away and I hope she is not too injured. I’ve been watching closely. That same day she did come back to the nest and kept them warm overnight. Our temperatures are not as cold here but still too cold at night for newborn birds. Yesterday, I saw her at the nest in the morning and she was standing up on the nest edge looking up. Later that day didn’t see her at all nor through last night. I’m worried. This morning the little babes are snuggled together in the nest and mom is still nowhere around. I hope she is just off looking for food for her and her young. I’ll try to give them hummingbird food with a dropper if I don’t see her later today. And then bring the nest into our home to keep them warm. Odds are if she is gone that I won’t be able to help them survive but I will try anyway. But, I won’t move the nest until I’m definitely sure she is not coming back for her babies.  I am sad but hopeful.

3/8/2015 1:00 pm:  I did a little research on how to help these little hummers survive and found this link for Find A Rehabilitator ad Wildlife  They had a rescue house in the East Valley.  I dropped off the babies to Paul and Gloria just a few hours ago.  They said the babies were 8-10 days old and at the chance for survival was good.  I took a last picture of the little ones as I gave them up.  Their chances are much better with Paul and Gloria as the bird need fed very often.  If I recall its at least every 30 minutes or more and they will use a special formula for them.  I hope that they keep me updated with good news.

They are sleeping as I drop them off at the bird rescue
They are sleeping as I drop them off at the bird rescue

Who is getting the reward in this picture?  The newborn hummingbird getting a meal?  The hummingbird mom who just was rewarded with two little hatchlings?  Or, me for having them perched just above my barbecue? I wasn’t able to barbecue at all that season because of the little babies.  That was three years ago and now they have a nest in another tree by the spa.

I’ve stepped out several times to take a photo of the mother nesting but she is still too timid and immediately flies away.  This time the nest is hidden on a heavily leafed branch and it’s more difficult to get a sharp picture of the mom nesting without the leaves taking away the focus.  I think we can use the spa except that it’s still too cold.

Mamma Hummingbird Feeding Her Young
Mamma Hummingbird Feeding Her Young

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It spring at the Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix Arizona and hummingbirds are on Guard.  This little guy didn’t appear to be disturbed by anything as he attempted to scratch at something near his ear.  Do hummingbirds have ears located there?  I don’t know for sure.  But he was a lovely bird in a beautiful setting.

The season was coming to a close and the hummingbirds have grown a lot.  They are just about ready to leave the nest and mom bird is not around much anymore.   I opened up my window in the kitchen and rigged a platform to stand on so that I could get closer pictures of the birds this time.   Watching the birds grow and thrive was a delight.  I was sad to see when they finally left the nest, but was glad to get my barbecue back.  After they left, I removed the nest so that they would find another place the next season.

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These tiny little bitty hummingbirds hatched directly over my barbecue one season.  I couldn’t bring myself to remove them so there was no use of the barbecue so it sat there, idle.. cold and neglected for at least several months.

It was such a pleasure to watch momma bird bring them their meals and feed them several times a day.  We were able to watch from right inside my home from a big kitchen window.  These pictures were taken outside with me perched on a chair and I was surprised that the mom let me get so close without freaking out.

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