I’ve been working on this image for some time now and will still have a great number of hours to completion.  It’s a mirror image flipped vertically and  will end up around 48″ across and 24+ high.  We are hoping to make it a piece of wall art at our “Ironworks Cabin” in the near future.  Next week we are going to Pomona Car Swap meet and will be looking or some type of automotive window framing from an old front or back window that will size right to become the framing for the picture.

The original is a daytime image that has been turned to sepia using Photoshop plus altered in many different ways as well.  I’m cleaning up the images borders from the night sky which started out as daylight plus am turning on lights throughout the image.  This is plenty of time-consuming minutia work that I hope is worth the effort in the end.


How is wish that I could just do photography all the time and not do real work to earn a wage. I’ve several candle burning for future posts on the blog right now:

Several more catamaran Cruise in Caribbean days
Renaissance Festival from the Phoenix AZ area
Making and cooking homemade egg-noodles with Chicken
Osaka Grill Review
Rockabilly Reunion from Lake Havasue
….and much more.

I wish for more time to do the things I love! So in the meantime, I’ll show this work in progress and look forward to your comments.