A portion of a wall in a historical site on the Island of Crete. .

A portion of a rustic wall on the exterior of a historical site on the Island of Crete. I’ve included a sign from the site dedicated in 1947 is below.  Unfortunately, I don’t  read Greek so I’m at a loss to where or what the site was. I believe it was barracks or a military site during WWII but am not positive.  Click HERE to see more entries from this weeks Challenge.


Crete008 (550)

This famous and picturistic  fountain is in the quaint mountain village of Spili, Crete in the heart of the city.  It seems to be more of a tourist attraction but is a wonderful site to see.  Spili is a mountain village that is located about 30 km south of Rethymnon.   It is a small village of about 700 inhabitants and an easy visit along the road to Agia Galini on the south coast. The name Spili is derived from ‘spileon’ meaning ‘cave’ because of a cave that is nearby the village.   We found Spili a delightful place to visit.

Spili Fountain Lone Lion
Spili Fountain Lone Lion
Spili Fountain Vanishing Point
Spili Fountain Vanishing Point


My last post on street life is of People Along the Way. I enjoyed this Weekly Challenge as it gave me the opportunity to share some of my favorite shots taken on the Island of Crete in Greece.

Another view of street life on the Island of Crete in Greece. Pedestrians share the walkway with bicycles, motor-bikes and the like.

The markets in Crete made me think of times past with their vivid displays of fruits, vegetables and other delectable goods for sale.

I’ve searched the internet high and low to try to find out where on Crete this wonderful restaurant is located but have not been successful.  I’ve since learned to make notes of our travels using the notepad on my iPhone.   My Greek hubby and I visited Crete for 2 weeks back in October of 2010.  It was a fabulous vacation of touring the lovely Greek Island of Crete.  Most likely because of my love of cooking and unique ways to prepare food, I found this restaurant intriguing.   They started up the oven early in the morning and filled it with the dishes to be served up at lunchtime which included roast chicken and roast lamb.

I do remember that we traveled from Heraklion and drove south towards Mires through the mountain passes and found the restaurant along the way.  I do wish I could remember the place because the food was excellent and cooked in what I believe to be the traditional Cretan way of cooking.  Most of the websites that I’ve visited make mention that the Cretan diet is one of the healthiest in the world.  The food is fresh, flavorful and quite delicious.

In our home location outside of Heraklion, we strolled to a roadside tavern where we enjoyed a Cretan pizza made up specially for us.  It was a Greek pizza of feta cheese, roast tomatoes, special seasoning and then layered with grilled chicken.  Since we needed internet access and the only way to get it was to find a restaurant or tavern that provided, we found ourselves back at this same tavern many times, enjoying the pizza, a large draft beer and the pleasant company of the hostess.


Much of our travels in Crete centered along the northern coast visiting many richly historical places on the island.  Since most of our vacations are at timeshare locations there was nothing real spectacular about our hotels so there is no mention of these locations.  We stayed one week in Rethimnon and the second week in Heraklion which are both on the northern coastline of Crete.  We picked the cities due to our love of ocean and beach front locations.

Later on, I’ll post up some more highlights from this trip and the cities we toured.  To learn more about Crete, you may want to check out Visit Greece Crete.   Geographically, Crete is is the largest island in Greece which allows for enough area to explore and not get bored in the two weeks we were there.  Crete is also the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is definitely worthy of a visit.  There are vast beaches along the northern seaboard and historical areas along the travelled road and historically preserved cities to visit.  Each of the cities we visited had enough to offer that we easily spent several hours if not most of the day exploring each and savoring the foods of this rich area.