This was a fun little project for the Weekly Photo Challenge. First I selected one of the Chihuly glass art images from the Desert Botanical Gardens. This original image was enhanced with Photoshop; saturation bumped, unsharp mask, reduce dust and scratches and auto levels. This layer was then saved as a duplicate layer and a double watercolor filter was added. Hope you enjoy.

It spring at the Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix Arizona and hummingbirds are on Guard.  This little guy didn’t appear to be disturbed by anything as he attempted to scratch at something near his ear.  Do hummingbirds have ears located there?  I don’t know for sure.  But he was a lovely bird in a beautiful setting.

It’s springtime at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix Arizona and everything is in bloom including the Chihuly Glass Exhibit. What a spectacular array of visual eye appeal from artist Dale Chihuly. It’s a not to miss showing amidst the flowering spring cactus.

I have tickets to go this year again but haven’t made it yet so I’m sharing these from a few years ago.

Desert Botanical Gardens – Chihuly Exhibit