Morning Doves Nest

It has been a long time since we have had Morning Doves nest at eye level or even close to eye level. This nest appears as though it is in our oleanders but not. The nest is strategically place atop a horizontal 14 foot ladder normally used for painting. Gus is not going to use…


Who is getting the reward in this picture?  The newborn hummingbird getting a meal?  The hummingbird mom who just was rewarded with two little hatchlings?  Or, me for having them perched just above my barbecue? I wasn’t able to barbecue at all that season because of the little babies.  That was three years ago and…

Black Swan

This was the first time I’d ever seen a black swan. An amazing beauty of a bird. In the same pond at an Aruba hotel was the mother swan and hatchlings.  Another for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadowed

Chick Family Crossing Zone

Momma chick was following up the rear with her little baby chicks between her and the other side of the street.  No cars in sight, whew.   I had to chuckle at the little prancing parade. Have you ever felt like this when you and your family or friends are walking along single file? I have.