Snapped from my back yard in Arizona, this mother Morning Dove had nested in a low tree-like bush to hatch her young.  I believe she was the same Morning Dive that I had been injured and was rescued from a deserted rental house.  I kept her in a box on the kitchen counter for several weeks as she recuperated from a wounded wing.  After a few days I would take her to the back yard and let her lose.  I figured that if I couldn’t catch her back she was ready to be free.


Later that same year this Morning Dove stared her family and allowed me to get within a couple of feet to capture her again on camera.


Bisbee Arizona is an artistic community nestled in the Mule Mountains of Southern Arizona.  It’s an once was copper mining town that still holds the old world charm of Victorian and European influenced architecture.  As we strolled along its quaint streets with rustic bars, art galleries and historic hotels there was much to take in. I was on a photo-shoot mini vacation with family.  David, my brother-in-law, is also a photography buff and we had planned this trip just for the photography.  He and I were in direct competition to see who could find the best photo ops and I’m still not sure who won. Probably both of us! He’s taught me a lot about composition and used to teach photography.  We were just talking a short while ago that it’s time to go on another photo-shoot.

When I came along this old patched fence of rusted galvanized tin siding it hit the mark.  This section looked just as though someone had taken a paint brush to it and created a fine abstract.  The strips of tans, galvanized grays and splashes of dark red and blue paint were a perfect combination.

Another special find was what I coined curb art. I’m not sure if I’m the first to used the phrase but it fits perfectly for this find.  The image is of a street curb painted for caution to stop someone from falling down the steps.  I loved the combination of red, yellow and aqua green.  Again, another example of real world abstract.
This weekend vacation was spent exploring all through Southern Arizona where we also visited Tucson,  Ramsey Canyon Preserve and the Tucson Air & Space Museums.  All offered fine photo opportunities and those will be shared with you this NaBloPoMo month.