Petulant Porpoise


This airplane picture was taken at the Airplane Museum just outside of Tucson Arizona.  You could spend an entire day here looking at a vast variety of older airplanes and helicopters.  It’s a photographer’s paradise and just in time for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

It still surprises me that you can take a semi-descent picture with a smart phone from inside a commercial jet. This is from the skyline of Phoenix Arizona as we were approaching the landing strip.  Of course, the captain was flying the plane.  You would not have wanted me at the controls!!

Phoenix at Landing Approach


Here is my new Weekly Photo Challenge for Perspective.  I’m not sure if I have the full size image or additional surrounding image to show you but it’s a close up.  But, I know what it is.  Do you?  Will reveal in a few days if someone does not guess right away.  Have fun.

Clue:  It’s a large part of something very large… much larger.
Clue:  It can take you anywhere you want.
Clue:  It the inside of the part.
Clue:  If you don’t think you know just wing it with a try.
Clue:  It’s part of an airplane.

Answer:  It’s the jet engine of an older jet plane and the picture was taken by standing in front of the engine.


I was surprised to see this photo opp just inside a store at Caesar’s Palace Mall in Las Vegas.  Since the store was much pricier than I could afford I snuck a shot from just outside the store.   I zoomed in with my iPhone to snap the shot. The sexy gal is like a mannequin in front of a aircraft fighter plane backdrop.

A few years ago, the Greek and I visited an airplane museum outside of Tucson AZ and some of the older airplanes sported images just like this on the exterior of the fighter planes.  What guy wouldn’t want this tattoo on their arm… or at least on their fighter jet?

Still searching for the perfect sea plane picture and these are okay but not exactly what I’ve been striving to achieve.  The ocean color is nice and plane itself has a good contrast but the water spray could have been better.  They have not been altered with Photoshop and that might help to deepen the blues.  The problem is in taking action pictures.  Still, they could be worse, too so I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up.    It’s more difficult to get the exact composition while trying to follow the object in motion.   If I’m recalling right this was in St. Thomas, USVI, but recall exactly.   Hint for the future, tag your pictures if you want to remember where they were taken with my first digital Minolta.  The picture quality would have been much improved had I been using the Nikon D60 but that was still a few years off.