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02/2015:  BigOven launches new home page.  I love it.  See the article here.

01/2015: Today I tried to add a Save Recipe button for BigOven but did not have success.  I’ll try to look at it further in a few weeks to see if I can do it.  It looks like a great feature but I need to figure it out first.

09/2014:  BigOven has been in the process of revamping their cooking application.  I just received a notice that they have updated the navigation system.  Take a look.

08/2014:  Get ready for BigOven to release a way to Print Your Own Cookbook.  It’s coming soon.

08/2014:  Just for the Newbies to BigOven they are making it easier to join in the cooking fun:  BigOven has come up with a way for newbies to try out the BigOven without actually creating an account.  You can test what you like and then join later.

06/2013:  I began using BigOven in 2004 when I tired of trying to work with an outdated recipe collection program called Master Cook (update as of 6/2013 there is a new MasterCook IV see review below).  One of the greatest advantages to BigOven is it goes everywhere with you since it is internet based.  You can sign up for a free version that is definitely sufficient for the everyday cook.  But is you want to use all the fantastic features you will soon find yourself upgrading to a PRO edition.  In addition to the online version, you can download a Windows-based application to your laptop and then import recipes directly from BigOven to the application.  This makes it convenient for when you do not have an internet connection to reach the online version.

To learn more about BigOven visit Steve Murch’s About page.  Here are some of the award they have received.  My hat is off to Steve Murch for developing such a great application.  He is surprising approachable, too.  I have sent messages about suggestions or when I might find a slight glitch and often the reply back is directly from Steve.  With over 8 million downloads, it’s no wonder they have received these varied awards.

Best Apps for New Moms” — Time Magazine

Best Android Apps, 2011 (Honorable Mention)” — New York Times

Best Recipe App” —, Readers Choice Award, 2013, 2012 and 2011




02/2015: MasterCook to release new Update in March 2015.  Check it out.  Here are the highlights.

Mobile Apps for Tablets and Phones (iOS & Android):

  • Create, View & edit cookbooks & recipes
  • Create, View & edit shopping lists
  • Automatically synchronize with Web & PC
  • Group Cookbooks – Share and collaborate on cookbooks with friends or coworkers in real time
  • Scale Recipes
  • Manage Categories & Cuisines
  • Works offline too!

MasterCook 15 for PC:

  • Synchronize Cookbooks & Shopping Lists with Web and Devices automatically
  • Group Cookbooks – Share and collaborate on cookbooks with friends or coworkers in real time
  • Easily import existing MasterCook Files
  • Completely New Backup & Merge functionality
  • Stability and other improvements

03/2013:  I really didn’t think that I would ever use Master Cook again after finding BigOven but I am always pulled in to check out something intriguing.  Well, the new Master Cook is intriguing.  One of the reasons for moving away from MasterCook was that it did not have any internet based or mobile application.  They now have added this feature.  The purchase price for the PC based MasterCook 14 application is $19.99 which includes a one year web membership.  If you were already a user of MasterCook the upgrade is less.

Here are some of the web features that are available with the web membership (borrowed directly from Master Cook 14):

  • 1-Click Recipe Transfer: One click will import most recipes from your favorite      websites to your online account using any browser on your computer. At any  time, you can download your stored recipes right into MasterCook 14!
  • – YOUR recipes & cookbooks, anywhere: Now you can upload recipes from your MasterCook 14 PC and access your recipes from any web-enabled device  including your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Registered MasterCook 14 users can store up to 5,000 recipes in their personal online cookbooks.
  • Trending Recipes: Discover new recipes by browsing what’s popular among users.

I’ve been playing around with the PC based application for several days, imported all my old Private Collection Cookbooks and tested out the import.  Import work much better and cleaner than previously and the PC based application appears to be much cleaner.  I’m Looking forward to giving it some more attention.


Green Kitchen – Healthy Vegetarian:  $4.99


This application is compatible with iPhone 3G-5G, iPod touch (3rd – 5th generation) and iPad.  I did not find anything for Nook, or Droid devices, but then I was looking at the application on my own iPhone 5.   It will take up a little space on your device as it’s size is 72.2 MB.  The overall rating on the Apple Store is 4+.   It did receive a runner-up in Best of 2012 for the App Store.  You definitely need to be a vegetarian to like this application.  Being that I love a good steak at any given moment it wouldn’t work for me in particular, however, for the vegetarian it provides a variety of dishes.   One of the reasons my friend Linda liked it so much was because of the great illustrations that accompany the recipes. In one of the ratings, a person recommended the ability to search by restriction.  In the settings for the application you can select the following options:
1. Use metric measurements
2. Hide non-vegan recipes
3. Hide Gluten recipes.

So, it appears they listen to their rating suggestions or they already had this option and the writer was not aware.

Overall, a very nice application with a lot of eye-appeal.  To find it in your App Store search for “Vegetarian”.  Happy, healthy eating.

Runner up in Best of App Store 2012

Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen


There is a sister application to Green Kitchen.  It’s Healthy Desserts – by Green Kitchen.  This application is similar to Green Kitchen in layout, features and amazing photography.  I’m surprised that is isn’t just part of Green Kitchen rather than making us purchase a separate application for desserts.  However, I’ve been to many a bookstore and bought more cookbooks than what are are carried in the local library.  So, I guess I can’t complain too much.  This application is also a little space hungry with a footprint of 98.1 MB.   The cost for Healthy Desserts is probably similar to Green Kitchen.  I had already purchased it and don’t recall the exact price.


  1. Hi there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinnda paranoid about losing eeverything I’ve worked
    hard on. Any recommendations?

    1. If you are talking about BigOven they have a desktop application where you can backup your recipes and download others too. If you are talking about MasterCook they have a similar backup. If you go to their websites you can check out about the desktop applications. I don’t know if there is a cost for BigOven but I think there is an annual fee for MasterCook.

  2. Not familiar with blogs. I have the hummingbird cake recipe… do I get it to you?


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