While taking a day trip during a vacation in Jamaica a few years ago we came across this delightful brown cow.  I liked the fact that he or she (couldn’t tell) just laid there and looked back at me with those large brown eyes.  He did look at me as though to say.. “Don’t come any closer or there will be trouble!  I’m not as nice as I look.”Read More →

This colorful Pack Mule was found noshing on a few blades of grass along a well travelled road in Jamaica.  Of course, the first words out of my mouth were that famous… stop.. stop… I have to take this picture.  The owner of the mule was close standing by with his hand out for a few dollars right after I snapped the picture.  I’m sure it was his way of earning a living and very smart of him at that.  The image was take with my new Nikon D60 camera and I was still getting used to it so used the auto shoot and auto focus. Read More →