The first bit of editing for the image was done in Lightroom where the following steps were taken. 1.  Exposure       -1.19     Exposure was adjusted several times and finished here 2.  Highlights          83 3.  Shadows           36 4.  Vibrance            14    Vibrance was adjusted a couple of times 5.  White Clipping     2   I had increased white clipping considerably and then brought it back down 6.  Black Clipping  -21 7.  Clarity                43 8.  Saturation          19 9.  Crop                            A considerable portion of the river and a small amount of the sky were cropped out. 10. Blue Hue Shift     4   The next five steps were done to increase the blueRead More →

I once saw a vivid piece of photo art that captured the Venice canals in all their color and history.  Since then I wanted to visit there myself and look for the same spot.  I didn’t find where the picture was taken but that didn’t stop me from shutter bugging over 100 images in Venice alone.  Even though the days were cloudy the colors still shown through. To view the full size image click on the SmugMug Logo.  Read More →