Galvanized Fence with Paint
Galvanized Fence with Paint

Bisbee Arizona is a mixture of rich architectural history, colorful textures and boutique shopping. While there it seemed there was something to photograph on every corner. These three images reminded me of art already on canvas.

Posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge

This picture was taken with an iPhone as Gus and I were exploring the area between Galveston and Houston TX and I decided to submit the Before and After to Stacy at Visual Venturing for her ABFriday Week 6 Forum. We wanted to create a picture of an industrial sort to put in a special frame at our cabin. I’ve been working on this in my spare time since the trip which was in May of 2013. Here is what’s been done to the picture from what I remember. I’ve posted an earlier work in progress in Feb 2014 but not shown a before and after. This version has had much more work done on it. It is almost finished and then will be ready to print. It is going into a custom frame that was created from the rear window of an vintage early model car.  The final frame size is 24″x48″ and Gus has it already hanging up in the cabin as a constant reminder for me to finish the picture.  Here is the works that has been done from what I recall.

Oil Plant After by KCinAZ
Oil Plant Before by KCinAZ – no processing

1.Duplicate the image and flip it so that it becomes much wider.
2.Remove the electrical lines in the center as they were no longer in perspective.
3.Change to sepia and bumped up browns.
4.Create a dark cloudy background. This caused a lot of work because of pixilation. Here is where the time-consuming work was done to remove any remaining pixilation between the original image and the background.
5.Turn on the lights everywhere in the new image. If I remember right first I used the small brush to color with yellow, then another star small brush tool to create illusion of flickering.
6.Used the burn tool to deepen some of the shadows on the structures.

Thanks, Stacy for including my work in your forum.

I’ve been working on this image for some time now and will still have a great number of hours to completion.  It’s a mirror image flipped vertically and  will end up around 48″ across and 24+ high.  We are hoping to make it a piece of wall art at our “Ironworks Cabin” in the near future.  Next week we are going to Pomona Car Swap meet and will be looking or some type of automotive window framing from an old front or back window that will size right to become the framing for the picture.

The original is a daytime image that has been turned to sepia using Photoshop plus altered in many different ways as well.  I’m cleaning up the images borders from the night sky which started out as daylight plus am turning on lights throughout the image.  This is plenty of time-consuming minutia work that I hope is worth the effort in the end.


How is wish that I could just do photography all the time and not do real work to earn a wage. I’ve several candle burning for future posts on the blog right now:

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….and much more.

I wish for more time to do the things I love! So in the meantime, I’ll show this work in progress and look forward to your comments.