Who is getting the reward in this picture?  The newborn hummingbird getting a meal?  The hummingbird mom who just was rewarded with two little hatchlings?  Or, me for having them perched just above my barbecue? I wasn’t able to barbecue at all that season because of the little babies.  That was three years ago and…

The Hubby Made Me

My husband has been crying for months for me to post a picture of the bats that hang around on the porch at night at our cabin; Ironworks.  It’s not my fault.  I just finally gave in to keep him from tormenting me further.  This looks like mom, dad and the little one resting on…

WPC: Petulant Porpoise

  This airplane picture was taken at the Airplane Museum just outside of Tucson Arizona.  You could spend an entire day here looking at a vast variety of older airplanes and helicopters.  It’s a photographer’s paradise and just in time for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Cherry Creek Lodge

As we drove along the primitive road in our yellow convertible corvette, city slickers at their best, we realized that we were not going to make it to the Lodge as we reached the second creek wash. It was filled deep with water that would have reached mid way up the door on the car….

Frayed Nerves

My nerves were frayed to the limit when the hubby brought this baby snake into the house in his gloved hand.  I’m in the dining room working on my blog as he places the snake near my face to introduce us.  After a well deserved tantrum on my part, we took the snake back outdoors to release it. …