One of my good friends makes this breakfast drink up almost everyday. It was the original breakfast smoothie. He is now in his mid 70’s and looks more like in his 60’s. Was it the Budwig? It couldn’t hurt. The ultimate protein drink.

Old-Time Beef Stew

Here is Aunt Nettie’s recipe for Old-Time Beef Stew. I find it quite amusing that she called this recipe Old-Time and it was written in a cookbook from 1953. That’s just one year after I was born. So, it is now a senior but not ready for retirement like me. This recipe must be at…

Crab and Lobster Salad

I was going to buy store bought seafood salad for dinner but they were out. So, I improvised by getting imitation crabmeat and using a small package of lobster meat from my freezer. My husband loves cucumber but doesn’t like celery. By mixing the two together in equal amounts he didn’t notice the cucumber. Turned out delightfully well.