Aunt Netties Orange Slice Nut Cookies

I found this beautifully written recipe in one of my Aunt Nettie’s Old cookbooks, Meta Given’s Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking. The copyrights were 1947-1952. The recipe was penned by my aunt who lived to be 99 1/2 years old before she passed. Such a wonderful woman. She taught grade school most of her adult life which may account for her lovely penmanship. She was born on July 1, 1916 so as you imagine she saw many things change during her life. The picture of her was when she was probably in her late 80’s. I’ll be sharing many more of the recipes that she saved.

Aunt Nettie Gathering Clippings from Yard
Orange Slice Nut Cookies from Aunt Nettie

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  1. The good ole’ days.
    I wish I could have one of Aunt Netties Orange Slice Nut Cookies right about now!

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