Restoring an Old Image

My brother-in-law sent me an old tattered image of his great-grandfather and his family.  He asked if it were possible to restore it and so I took it to task.  It did take some time to put his great-grandmothers chin back on and patch all the missing areas where the paper had worn.  But, the result was much better than I imagined.

Bergman Family SepiaBergman Family - Back L-R - Mary Anna, Katherine, Frank; Front L-R - Magdalena, Bernard (Barney), Lawrence, Caroline (Lange), Johanna


  1. You are a genius! It also helps to have the right tools…..TB

  2. What a fantastic photo to have and your restoration work was successful without overpowering the original image.

  3. Wow, very good work on a difficult restoration. I was especially impressed with the repair on the woman’s chin.

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