One Photo Focus – The Cobb by Katie Prior

Katie Prior's Image - The Cobb
Katie Prior’s Image – The Cobb

When I saw Katie’s image it reminded me of my travels, though typically I visit a much warmer location.  However, I always enjoy pictures of the ocean as it breaks against a pier.  I did my typical small changes to the image in Lightroom where the image was cropped, exposure was edited slightly, vibrance was popped up quite a bit along with the blue and aqua in luminance and saturation.  Then the image was brought into Photoshop where mostly I just did a few burns against the mountain area along the water line and then did a new change for me where on a new layer, I used the color replacement tool and picked a light blue to adjust the skyline from gray to more of a blue-gray.  Thanks, Katie for the lovely image and to Stacy for keeping the ball rolling.

Visual Venturing Katie’s Image

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  1. Your editing steps have helped improve the image overall. The cold tone works well and is a nicely emphasized.

  2. katieprior says:

    Lovely edit from some subtle changes, they really can make all the difference. I like your crop, it seems that it works really well in a more square format. Nice work. 🙂

  3. Great job, Karen, going with the cold of the original and emphasizing it.

  4. I love how clear the background is, you really brought my eye to the land beyond.

  5. Hey, Karen, great move to make the sky bluer! Good for you for trying a new method too 🙂

  6. lensaddiction says:

    Its a really good strong image isnt it, and fun to work on. Nice job with adjusting the sky colour 🙂

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