One Photo Focus – The Cobb by Katie Prior

Katie Prior's Image - The Cobb
Katie Prior’s Image – The Cobb

When I saw Katie’s image it reminded me of my travels, though typically I visit a much warmer location.  However, I always enjoy pictures of the ocean as it breaks against a pier.  I did my typical small changes to the image in Lightroom where the image was cropped, exposure was edited slightly, vibrance was popped up quite a bit along with the blue and aqua in luminance and saturation.  Then the image was brought into Photoshop where mostly I just did a few burns against the mountain area along the water line and then did a new change for me where on a new layer, I used the color replacement tool and picked a light blue to adjust the skyline from gray to more of a blue-gray.  Thanks, Katie for the lovely image and to Stacy for keeping the ball rolling.

Visual Venturing Katie’s Image


  1. Your editing steps have helped improve the image overall. The cold tone works well and is a nicely emphasized.

  2. Lovely edit from some subtle changes, they really can make all the difference. I like your crop, it seems that it works really well in a more square format. Nice work. 🙂

  3. Hey, Karen, great move to make the sky bluer! Good for you for trying a new method too 🙂

  4. Its a really good strong image isnt it, and fun to work on. Nice job with adjusting the sky colour 🙂

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