One Photo Focus – April 3, 2015

Image contributed by Cee Neuner - Edited by KCinAZ
Image contributed by Cee Neuner – Edited by KCinAZ

Cee Neuner gave me a huge challenge on how to approach the image. Huge in a way that means I had no idea where to start. I liked it a lot already in full color but since I’ve been wanting to do something with B&W and decided to give it a try with this one. As usual, I am was still second guessing myself as I sent the image to Stacy at Visual Venturing for April’s One Photo Focus. I started with Cee’s raw image in Lightroom to begin my editing. First the image was converted to B&W and then a temperature adjustment of Creamtone along with playing around with the basics until I was happy. Definition of happy is that I didn’t start over.

Then the image was moved into Photoshop where some coloring was done. Colorizing was not completely necessary but I’ve seen B&W work where some objects have been colorized and wanted to try my hand at it. A yellow cast with a low opacity was added to the windows. I started the windows over a couple of times until I found the right method. First I used a paint brush and it had a streaked look. Lastly I used the paint bucket with a low opacity.

Then the grass and vegetation was colorized with a low opacity green using the same method. Then I noticed what might be a wreath on the door and colorized it as well with standard green and red. I purposely left the main tree alone. Go figure? Well, there you have it. Thanks, Cee for such a great image and for helping me step outside the box. To see what others have been up to with Cee’s image go to Visual Venturing.


  1. I like the hyper-white that you have brought out in this image. I don’t know if it was the creamtone or if it’s the touch of color, but either way it is really neat. It looks like you had fun creating this. 😀

    1. Thanks Nic. It was fun and a bit on the learning curve too.

  2. Fun, subtle selective coloring, Karen (though the more saturated green on the wreath certainly does pull my eye in – makes me think of Christmas 😀). Glad you had fun trying out a new method. As always, thanks for taking part!

  3. Wonderful job of editing. I like that the arbor was in black and white and you emphasized the house with slight color. It really made the rest of the photo details pop. I might have to keep that in mind.

    1. Thanks Cee. I wasn’t sure about it but wanted to be outside the box for a change.

  4. I love how subtle you were with coloring, very nice.

  5. I like how you contrasted the soft tones and the green. I perhaps want more green on the tree but then I also like it slightly pale. Nice edit.

    1. No green in the arbor tree. I thought about it and then left it B&W so that it stood out. Maybe some soft green there would have been nice too.

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