One Photo Focus – Loré Dombaj

Loré Dombaj Image Edited by KCinAZ for One Photo Focus
Loré Dombaj Image Edited by KCinAZ for One Photo Focus

Thank you Loré Dombaj for sending us such a nice picture for One Photo Focus.  Stop over at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures to see more from Loré.

I attempted to change the image to Black & White and then re-colorize the flower-pot plants but still don’t have enough knowledge in Lightroom to do that. Probably should have brought it into Photoshop and done that there.

Like most others I was in a time constraint and probably rushed too quickly.  Mainly I cropped the photo so that the boy’s eyes were at the bottom third line level from rule of thirds.  I concentrated mostly on lighting to bring the areas of the image up a bit but not wash out the boys forearm.  I applied a few exposure changes plus white & black adjustments, added a beautiful sunlight 2 preset and finally a subtle vignette.  The original image submitted by Loré Dombaj follows.

Loré Dombaj Original Image


Check out here for other versions on Visual Venturing.


  1. It looks good! Echoing the other comments, that crop worked much better than I would have thought.


  2. Well done, Karen! You went a different direction with your crop and the result works really, really well, as does the toning you selected. And you kept that beautiful cobblestoned street 🙂 No need to go into PS. It’s wonderful the way it is!

    1. Awh.. thanks. I’ve been away again and just catching up.

  3. Interesting, I didn’t think a crop taking off the left would work, but it does here. Very well done.

  4. Nice crop, it works very well this way, and beautiful warm toning. Nice job!

  5. Karen, I really like what you did here and I love that you chose a crop featuring the left hand side as the focus. Your tones and lighting are lovely. Your image definitely captured my attention 😃

  6. It seems the square crop was the popular choice, and I like where you have placed the little statue in the frame. It makes perfect sense when I see what you have done, and your sunshine presets add a nice warmth to the image. lovely final image.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. It’s fun seeing what everyone is doing. Almost off work and ready to look at all.

    1. Thanks Lynne. 🙂 You must be in Canada. I recognize the ending from a friend who is also there.

        1. I thought so about Canada. And yes, it’s Arizona; i.e. the AZ in my handle.

  7. I like the crop with the space to the right it works really well. I also like your toning it fits the picture well.

    1. I was surprised how close many of the version came out. Especially in the final crop. Thanks again for letting us use your image. 🙂

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