One Photo Focus – Loré Dombaj

Loré Dombaj Image Edited by KCinAZ for One Photo Focus
Loré Dombaj Image Edited by KCinAZ for One Photo Focus

Thank you Loré Dombaj for sending us such a nice picture for One Photo Focus.  Stop over at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures to see more from Loré.

I attempted to change the image to Black & White and then re-colorize the flower-pot plants but still don’t have enough knowledge in Lightroom to do that. Probably should have brought it into Photoshop and done that there.

Like most others I was in a time constraint and probably rushed too quickly.  Mainly I cropped the photo so that the boy’s eyes were at the bottom third line level from rule of thirds.  I concentrated mostly on lighting to bring the areas of the image up a bit but not wash out the boys forearm.  I applied a few exposure changes plus white & black adjustments, added a beautiful sunlight 2 preset and finally a subtle vignette.  The original image submitted by Loré Dombaj follows.

Loré Dombaj Original Image


Check out here for other versions on Visual Venturing.

17 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – Loré Dombaj

  1. Well done, Karen! You went a different direction with your crop and the result works really, really well, as does the toning you selected. And you kept that beautiful cobblestoned street 🙂 No need to go into PS. It’s wonderful the way it is!

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  2. Karen, I really like what you did here and I love that you chose a crop featuring the left hand side as the focus. Your tones and lighting are lovely. Your image definitely captured my attention 😃

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  3. It seems the square crop was the popular choice, and I like where you have placed the little statue in the frame. It makes perfect sense when I see what you have done, and your sunshine presets add a nice warmth to the image. lovely final image.

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