Who is getting the reward in this picture?  The newborn hummingbird getting a meal?  The hummingbird mom who just was rewarded with two little hatchlings?  Or, me for having them perched just above my barbecue? I wasn’t able to barbecue at all that season because of the little babies.  That was three years ago and now they have a nest in another tree by the spa.

I’ve stepped out several times to take a photo of the mother nesting but she is still too timid and immediately flies away.  This time the nest is hidden on a heavily leafed branch and it’s more difficult to get a sharp picture of the mom nesting without the leaves taking away the focus.  I think we can use the spa except that it’s still too cold.

Mamma Hummingbird Feeding Her Young
Mamma Hummingbird Feeding Her Young

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