One Photo Focus – Manal Ali’s City at Dusk


Thanks Manal Ali for providing such a wonderful challenge. I’m not sure about the rest but this one was another big learning experience and made me put my mind to work. I played around with the image several times and never was satisfied with what I was doing. There are several copies in my LR where I cropped away at the left side and then worked with the various light settings. The third time around I found Lens correction and thought how have I missed this for so long. What an amazing tool. Every setting was used first in Lens correction until I felt like was seeing the setting as Manal originally viewed it. Then with a much better perspective was able to continue on the this final result. In PS I attempted to change the color of the sky and used the copyright as a store signage. Fun project and a challenge, at least for me. Thanks Manal for making me think. I’m still not sure if I’m satisfied with the end result and look forward to seeing post processing from everyone else.

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  1. I echo the comments above that the crop and cool tone worked out nicely. You should be proud of your work!


    1. Thanks Nancy. It certainly made me think. I love the lens correction. I used the manual setting. Can’t wait to get home and see all the other renditions.

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  2. Hey Karen, when I edit my images Lens correction is the FIRST button I hit 🙂 Did you know in LR5 if you have it, they have now built in auto perspective distortion so it tidies up the leaning building syndrome even better, it worked a treat on this image for me 🙂

    I like your crop, it changed the focus of the image just enough 🙂

    1. I was really happy when I found it. Had used distort (I think) in PS in the same image but wasn’t happy with that. It was great to see all the other creative options. I can’t look at them and comment until Wednesday. At the cabin and limited use.

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  3. Karen, good for you for finding the lens correction tool 🙂 I like how you’ve cropped it after finding that adjustment. With the darkness of the image, leaving more sky and the airiness of the tree branches works well to balance the image. And the image certainly lends itself to the cool tones you chose. Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. It was certainly a brain teaser for me. I wish I’d started on it earlier so I had more time. I’m at the cabin and limited wifi til Wednesday. Will take a closer look at others when home.

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  4. I have to agree that it was a difficult image to edit. I think you have done a good job in getting a cooler tone that runs through the image. The crop also works well.

    1. Thanks, Cee. Appreciate the feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing all the versions.

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