4 thoughts on “WPC: Serenity At Sea II

    1. Thanks Stacy. Right after I posted it I did some exploring and was looking at Leanne Cole’s tips for beginners http://leannecolephotography.com/learning-photography/ and noticed that I had broken the #1 rule. Don’t put your horizon dead center. So, after two more tries, (straighten the horizon and move it up) this one was the final. I think. Do you look at your picture processing over and over again and wonder… can I do more… should I do less? I owe you a ABFriday.. will probably send you this one for next week.

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      1. Yup, I revisit on occasion when I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result and don’t know why. I’ll look at it with fresh eyes. Sometimes I end up not changing it, but then sometimes I find a tweak or two that end up making the photo stronger (at least to my eyes). I think this would be a great post for next week – discussing the placement of the horizon is a very useful tip (as you just found out)!

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