The Hubby Made Me

Bat Family Sleeping Over at the Cabin
Bat Family Sleeping Over at the Cabin

My husband has been crying for months for me to post a picture of the bats that hang around on the porch at night at our cabin; Ironworks.  It’s not my fault.  I just finally gave in to keep him from tormenting me further.  This looks like mom, dad and the little one resting on dad or moms back.  They are literally hanging at the peak of our porch ceiling.  So, again, if I’ve creeped you out it’s not my fault.  I have to live with him.  You don’t.  LOL



  1. I love bats! Used to have a little family visit my old garden every evening. Loved watching them swoop around hunting for dinner 🙂

    1. We usually don’t see them until they are up high in the patio peak. Then we have to shine a flashlight at them which they probably do not like. It would be fun to see them flying around looking for food. My hubby built a bat house and we hope they move into it this coming season since it’s such a mess on the patio.

    1. You are the first person that saw them as “cute”. You have a great perspective. 😀 Or, LOL you may need glasses.

      1. LOL…we had issues with bats but it was more like they needed a diaper!

        1. LOL… I thought you were talking about my meatball recipe that I posted the next day. Yes, a diaper would be more in order for these yucky bats. It took me quite awhile to clean up the image of the bats to remove some of their mess so it wasn’t so disgusting.

          1. omg hahahahaha! I’m cracking up about the meatball recipe.

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