One Photo Focus – Week 31

Emilio Pasquale's image edited by KCinAZ
Emilio Pasquale’s image edited by KCinAZ


Thanks Emilio for sharing with us such a fantastic image of vintage trucks for us to work on.  I just bought a new book, my first on Lightroom and actually read through it as I edited the picture.  Mostly in Lightroom I stepped through the right-side panels and tried out a few different settings which enhance the color, hue and saturation plus a few others.  Hopefully not overdone.  Next, the image was cropped and straightened a slight bit.  In Photoshop I used the band-aid to remove the rope/hose from the right side and to take a few spots out of the yellow truck window.  Lastly, in Photoshop the patch tool was used to remove a couple of rocks and the piece of wood.  This was a fun learning image for me and can’t wait to see how everyone else approached it.  Thanks, Stacy, for all your hard work to get this off the ground.  I really enjoyed working on Emilio’s image.  Stop by Emilio’s site to see more of what he has done. I owe him a big thanks.  I’m actually going to use my rendition at our cabin called IronWorks.

There were many different renditions of the image.  Stop by Stacy’s Visual Venturing and take a peak.


20 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – Week 31

  1. Karen, you did a great job on this image! It’s not overdone at all. Great level of saturation and clarity, as is the opening up of the shadows. And when I read that you had removed the piece of wood and the rope, I had to go back to the original image to see that they were there – drat! Once again, as in the crane in your Italy picture, I missed it!!

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    1. Thanks, Stacy. I was even more concerned about it being overdone after seeing how others took their twist on the image. I’m actually going to print and use it at the cabin. We have a picture frame made of the back side window of a vintage auto. It’s going in there. So I guess I do owe Emilio a big thanks for the image.


    1. Thanks, Nancy. I stopped by your site awhile ago. Loved seeing the pictures of your beagle and the night shots. The picture of the three dogs together is great too. Love how you turned it into a painting like pictures.

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  2. You’ve made the colors pop, which is a good thing and counter to what I- and most everyone else- did, and that was to go the nostalgic or vintage look. Good job!

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  3. That was brave of you to try out new techniques from your book 🙂 What book did you get? I like your process, it definately has a more vibrant and punchy look 🙂

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    1. The book was Photoshop CC and Lightroom; A Photographers Handbook by Stephen Laskevitch. I liked that it covered both Lightroom, Photoshop CC and Bridge. I don’t use Bridge but the book was indexed nicely with right side tabs to show where your wanted to focus. I just read through the book and tried out the suggestions… plus a few that I already knew. The book was $44.95 US which is not as bad as I’ve done in the past. LOL


      1. Yeah books are expensive, I have a PS one here but since I started my course I have hardly used it. Handy to have if I need it tho 🙂


        1. I took a photoshop course several years ago at community college. Best thing I ever did. Also, check to see; you can get greatly reduced pricing on books and software when taking classes. It has saved me a lot of $$ on software mostly and some on MAC hardware. Look for the educational pricing.


          1. Yes thats the only way I could afford PS, I am a student as well as working full time too 🙂 Handy tip but I dont know if it applies now that its all in the cloud 😦


          2. Maybe only if you want some MAC hardware now. Just got my first iPad at reduced price. Other software you may want would be reduced. Search for software educational pricing. I may be able to find the site I used if you are interested. Email me private at


          3. Thanks Karen I am in NZ and they do things differently in different countries but thanks for the offer of help 🙂


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