After Before Friday – Anniversay Challenge

After Before Friday Anniversary Challenge - After Version
After Before Friday Anniversary Challenge – After Version
After Before Friday - Anniversary Challenge Before Image
After Before Friday – Anniversary Challenge Before Image

The first bit of editing for the image was done in Lightroom where the following steps were taken.
1.  Exposure       -1.19     Exposure was adjusted several times and finished here
2.  Highlights          83
3.  Shadows           36
4.  Vibrance            14    Vibrance was adjusted a couple of times
5.  White Clipping     2   I had increased white clipping considerably and then brought it back down
6.  Black Clipping  -21
7.  Clarity                43
8.  Saturation          19
9.  Crop                            A considerable portion of the river and a small amount of the sky were cropped out.
10. Blue Hue Shift     4   The next five steps were done to increase the blue in the water and sky
11. Blue Sat Shift      9
12. Blue Lum Shift   13
13. Aqua Hue shift   18
14. Aqua Lum shift   24
15. Red Lum shift     13      To increase the tone in the buildings
Next the image was opened in Photoshop to add a few touches.
1.  Unsharp mask
2.  Using a small paintbrush, flowers were added to the flower boxes.  This is visible in a larger image, but you will have to squint to see them in the smaller version.

Photoshop always seems to change the image and reduces the hue and saturation.  The image does not have the same impact when imported to Photoshop.  With this in mind I re-opened the saved image (different name of course) in Lightroom.  Here again, I copy applied the same steps above again in Lighroom.  However, the blue shifts had to be brought down as they were too severe when the copy was applied.  This copy method was done like a preset as time was limited.  Next time, I’ll probably do my Photoshop edits and then open in Lightroom. The final image was exported to a file directly from Lightroom.

After Before Friday-Anniversary Challenge


  1. Karen, what fun it has been to have a chance to play with your photo. Thanks for trusting us all with it 🙂 Like Loré said, you did a great job keeping the details in the image even as you darkened it. And I just love that you painted in flowers. Inspired. A great fun time was had by all!

  2. It was great fun to participate in this project and thanks for letting us all work with your image. I like your interpretation and appreciated the details on how you made your changes and why. I don’t use LR myself, just Photoshop, but your explanation made it clear what was going on. Adding the flowers was a great touch.

  3. Thanks for letting us play with your image. Unlike with others I also darkened the picture to give it more of a sunset feel.

    1. I liked using the sunset variation too. Now that I see others I think I might have liked to darken the sky a little more at the top. I’ve had company all day and am now just getting to respond to posts and see everyones renditions. I definitely prefer your take on the sunset sky over mine.

  4. This was the most fun I could have had legally this week. Really. I enjoyed playing with this image and thank you for submitting it! I also like what you did to it, especially (a minor point) the sunset through the clouds. I think I had the most problem with the sky but loved the buildings and the reflections in the water, just an overall great image! It didn’t really need much work but I think we all felt the need to show off a bit. I know I did!

  5. thanks Karen, for sharing your photo and giving us a chance to experiment! I love your processing, such rich colours.

  6. Wonderful editing.
    This was so much for getting to play with your photo. Thanks so much for being a part of this anniversary party.

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