Lone Sail at Sunset


Lone Sail at Sunset
Lone Sail at Sunset


I’m having a difficult time remembering all that was done with this image because I’ve been playing at backing up all my images to an external hard drive.  In doing so the history normally stored in Lightroom has disappeared. From what I recall most of the changes were in the lighting along with decreasing exposure, increasing whites and enhancing the blues.  I definitely did some sharpening and a vignette.

Here is the before picture that I wasn’t sure if I would ever use as it was too muted for my taste.  This made it an easy choice for my addition to Stacy’s AfterBefore Friday Week 27 Forum.  This is a great group to take a look at for ideas and creativity on how you might enhance your images.  I know that I for one have learned a bundle of new ideas.

Sunset Sail Before
Sunset Sail Before

AfterBefore Friday Week 27

Weekly Photo Challenge Minimalist

16 thoughts on “Lone Sail at Sunset

  1. Ha! I too am backing up my photos – or, let’s say, trying to get organized with all my photos. Don’t know why that’s wiping out your LR history though. Make sure you’re moving files using the LR file system, not your computer’s file system.

    Still love the photo – and I still want to be on that sailboat 🙂


    1. Thanks Neha. I love taking sunset pictures and being on the water. We had anchored for the night when this picture was taken of the sailboat crossing the horizon.


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