Negative Edge Pool Westin Cancun
Negative Edge Pool Westin Cancun

Make sure to do ample research before you book your holiday destination. Don’t rely on their website or pictures. We thought we would be at the far end of hotel strip in Cancun. We are at a little quiet resort on Pok-Ta-Pok  Ave which is roughly a 20 minute taxi. This picture is at the Westin. Wish I were there. But in defense of our little resort…
The room is nice. Pool is clean. Everything is very clean. The staff is friendly. And the F&B prices very reasonable. Coral Mar is perfect for a quiet get away. It all depends on what you are looking for. Each night at Coral Mar, the guest gather around the bar for happy hour 2 times a day and share good times with each other. You may not find these same pleasantries at the Westin. It just depends on what you are looking for and what makes you happy.

Personally, we would have enjoyed the Westin more, but the camaraderie with the staff and tourist at Coral Mar were not to be taken lightly. Say hi to Silver at the restaurant and bar during daytime hours and to Eduardo during the evening hours.

Coral Mar Resort
Coral Mar Resort

All pictures taken with my iPhone 5S.


  1. Saw my first infinity pool in Hawaii. Took my breath away. Glad you had a good time in spite of your location. But agree with Jamie – Trip Advisor reviews definitely help 🙂

    1. We did have a real good time in spite of the location. The little hotel where we stayed had great staff which made up for the location.

    1. It seems I’ve made the same type of mistake on our last two vacations. The resorts have been okay but the location undesirable. In defense of Coral Mar it is 90% on hotel for its class and looses its appeal to me on location. I would have been okay with it if it had been located on the main hotel strip. Though it was lacking in large restaurant and had no hot tub.

      1. I was in Bintan once, and booked a place based on the hotel’s website and had probably one of the worst stays ever!
        So right now I religiously head to trip advisor and read up on reviews when I can!

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