Michael’s Bee [Guest Post]

Photo taken at Hastings Highlands, Ontario - Papineau Lake Road by Michael Keating

Photo taken at Hastings Highlands, Ontario – Papineau Lake Road by Michael Keating

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Lets talk about the two sides of me. I am a Gemini just so you know. The first side of me is the cooking and entertaining part. This is a major part of my life and I wouldn't be fulfilled without it. Of course, we all have to eat, but the main part of cooking for me is entertaining and sharing fun and flavorful foods with great friends. Dinner parties, happy hours and well, most anything to do with food is where I begin to enjoy. My other side, the artsy side is a craving for art, painting and photography. Maybe this is my Gemini left side of the brain?? Since starting to write a Blog I've picked back up what hubby calls my big ass camera and started carting it around again. He’s always afraid I will ask him to carry it. I keep thinking that when I retire (?#&*!!!) that I will have time to read all the photography books in my library and become a superb photographer. Wishful thinking.


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One Comment on “Michael’s Bee [Guest Post]”

  1. September 16, 2014 at 1:52 pm #

    Okay, can I just say it was difficult for me to hit like on this photo, not because it isn’t it a great image (because it seems to be – see below for clarification of THAT statement) but because I just do not like insects at all. Not even a tiny bit. I have come to a number of blogs that have posted macro photos of spiders, and yikes, it just freaks me out. Arguably bees might be a bit better … but not by much πŸ˜‰ Anyway, for the one second I got a glimpse of this photo (sorry, Michael, but I just can’t go back to look again), it looked to be a great photo πŸ™‚


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