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After the Morning Rain

After the Morning Rain
After the Morning Rain
Before Post Processing
Before Post Processing

The original picture was taken at the Cabin Called Ironworks in the early morning just after a light overnight rain.  This rain was more pleasant that the previous downpours we had been experiencing in and around Prescott, Arizona.  I loved how the drops lingered on the edge of the pine branches and formed minute globes of reflective light.

These two images have been submitted to Visual Venturing ABFriday – Week 18 and will be live on 9/18/2014.  I’ve continued to explore post processing in Lightroom using tips from several Blogs in WordPress.  One tip came from M.Funk Photography’s Blog in a tutorial video on “Retouch an Underexposed Sunrise”.  He suggested making sure to balance luminance and sharpening so that they equal 100 along with several other tips.  I was equally impressed with PhotographybyKent from AfterBefore Friday – Week 17 where not only was the final image stunning, but the visual tips that Kent provided were great.   You will see that using these two examples, I did create quite an exploration with this image of raindrops by the lengthy history that I copied from Lightroom.  Each week I learn more and more from the AfterBefore Friday post in the Visual Venturing Forum.

The post processing began in Lightroom with several changes in exposure overall with a final result of -1.61 , changes in highlights with an end result of +7, Shadows were played with several times and ended at +79, Black Clipping was played with several times ended up after several +/- to a final of 45, White Clipping was modified several times and ended at +48, Clarity was increased by +38, Vibrance was increased by +29, Saturation by +24, Sharpening +75, Edge Masking +32, Luminance Detail +37, Luminance Smoothing +25, Temperature went up and down ending at  +5,  Tint +5,  Contrast increased by +36.  The image was cropped to remove the ultra-white sky from the far right side to aid in getting a final proper exposure/white clipping.  Then a preset Vignette 2 was added.  Overall I played and maybe overplayed with the image.  Not really knowing what you’re doing takes a lot longer but overall I’m pleased with the end result.  Very little was done using Photoshop other than adding the copyright, setting the web size and uploading.


5 thoughts on “After the Morning Rain

  1. Karen, great tip about balancing luminance and sharpening. I’ll have to remember that! Love the tiny reflections you caught in the raindrops – just adds such a nice dimension to the photo. I do have to say that on my monitor the upper left side of the photo appears very dark – I’m wondering if that is what you see. I ask because I’m a wee bit curious what lurks in those shadows 😉

    Thanks for playing along in ABFriday and for being a champ and writing a post. Always love to have you on board!

    1. Those shadows were the branches of the pine tree. They were out of focus in the original shot so I just left it that way. Also the vignette may have caused that corner to darken even more.

      1. Ah, makes absolute sense. Good choice 🙂

  2. Love this! Hasn’t the rain been wonderful lately? Such a cool picture!

    1. How right you are. The rains have been refreshing. I’m glad though that we haven’t had any flooding in my area.

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