As we drove along the primitive road in our yellow convertible corvette, city slickers at their best, we realized that we were not going to make it to the Lodge as we reached the second creek wash. It was filled deep with water that would have reached mid way up the door on the car. We called the Lodge to let them know we would not be able to get to them. They quickly replied, “not to worry… we will pick you up”. We drove back into town and one of the ranch hands picked us up. Luggage in hand we arrived safely at Cherry Creek Lodge an hour or so later.  The Lodge is beautifully wood studded and appointed with over-stuffed leather sofas and lounge chairs.  The guest rooms are amply sized and also have that western ranch feel.

The setting of the lodge is in a canyon area north and east of Payson Arizona and near to Young Arizona. It’s quite a trip to get there but well worth the travel. We were greeted by our hosts, Sheri and Brent, and shown our cozy room. Earlier I shared an article about a newborn colt name Legacy who is being raised and trained by Brent.

We didn’t do any of the city slicker type activities as we needed a well deserved rest from activity.  The whole purpose of the trip was just to get away from the turmoil of the city and work.  And that we did.  We did meet some very nice folks who helped for me to fulfill that dude ranch mode.  Rafaella and Dorado are Italian’s living in southern France near Milan.  They joined in the fun at Cherry Creek Lodge and Tilting H Ranch by taking a trail ride at least once a day and then participating in two cattle drives.  I’ll be sharing some pictures of Rafaella and Dorado on their Cattle Drive soon.


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  1. Thank you from all of the staff at the Cherry Creek Lodge!

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