Where Did the Time Go – Virtual Blog Tour

When Stacy at Visual Venturing invited me over a week or so ago to join in on the Virtual Blog Tour I thought, well, I should be able to handle that.  Then later I thought maybe it was a dream that had slipped my mind.  Had to check my email to see if it was real.  And it was, so then, the thinking was…  I should be able to whip something up without a problem.  Not. The perpetual clock just ticked away.  Tick tock.. tick tock..  Here I am two days late and dropped the virtual bouncing ball.  Taking the challenge in hand now…. with a truly big thanks to Stacy’s invite…

I’m to write about…

What am I working on?
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Why do I write/create what I do?
How does your writing/creating process work?

Since one of my favorite bloggers, Stacy at Visual Venturing invited me to join in on the Virtual Tour, I could not resist.  She’s been an inspiration for me and I sometimes think we have become virtual blogging friends.  I never thought I would actually find friendship on WordPress, but it has happened.  I truly am a geek.  Stacy’s After-Before Friday Forum   is where I often find myself looking for hints and ideas on how to improve on my post processing.

There is always an abundance of material that I can be working on since we travel extensively.  I’ve many ideas in my head but have difficulty finding time to get them all out.  Since I work from home, I’ve often, put what I call my real work aside and put something together for the blog.  That’s exactly what I’m doing right now.  What I should be doing is piled up on my desk and has not been touched this morning.  And, if the Greek hubby reads this and finds I’ve been goofing off instead of working on these piles of papers then…

…he’s not actually that bad.  He would just put his feet up on my desk and say what have you been doing all day?  Blogging again?

Blogging for me started out as a way to share my recipes beyond that of a recipe application called Big Oven.  My inspiration was the blog from Julie Powel and the book Julie & Julia.  I actually did read Julie Powel’s blog and found it interesting though not matching the movie entirely.  So, I started posting out my recipe inventions thinking that I might even be able to create a cookbook of my own in the future.  Not going to happen.  I ran out of recipe ideas after a time and the posts slowly dwindled along with my readership.

One day there was a challenge for posting out a weekly photo and I thought this is for me.  I love photography and had no real way to share my images.  I’ve several projects waiting to be done and eventually they will happen:

1. A catamaran trip to the British Virgin Islands, Tortola this year.  I’ve only posted a few early photos teasers and had planned on sharing a day by day photo and food review of the trip.  The folder is sitting on another pile of papers along with the journal from the trip.pelican1



2. A trip to Aruba, USVI just a few months ago.  As with the Tortola trip, there are hundreds ++ pictures and notes about where we went and what we saw.  Again, only a few teasers have been posted and usually they come out for a Weekly Photo Challenge..aruba1


3. Cherry Creek Ranch from a few months ago.  I wrote one article about the baby colt Legacy, but still have another that I want to write.  It’s about the cattle drive where two European city slickers helped with the drive.


4.  Lastly, finish the darn Oil Refinery image so that it can be framed for the cabin called Ironworks.

I’m also working on not scheduling so many trips in one year from this point forward so there’s time to catch up on my real world work and my fun blogging work.


Most of my work that I enjoy is of waves, beaches, people in action.  I don’t think I’m too different from the other photo bloggers that I follow other than I often hope my work can reach their level at some point.

Many years ago I set a series of goals… now called bucket lists.  One of the goals was to write a book.  I’ve not done that and writing for KCinAZ is probably the closest I’ll ever come to reaching that goal.  The book is actually the last item on the list so I’ve not really done that bad.

I also write and share my photography because selfishly it does give me a sense of satisfaction.  I know many people do not like the “likes” on posts, but I feel warm and fuzzy when a piece of my work gets some recognition or if I have a strong spike in views in the stats.  I don’t know if all bloggers look at their stats. but I do.  That’s again the Geek and analytical side of me.  I’m always trying to get away from that part of my life but it’s still piling up on my desk as a reminder.

Sometimes I think about my writing/creating process and how I can improve it.  I’ve not a true game plan.  It seems that most of the time I just wake up in the middle of the night with an idea.  Then have to get my sleepy groggy body out of bed and head to the office before the idea slips away.  Usually that’s more the writing part and less the post processing on photography.  I’ve checked into taking a photography class, buying filters, buying a new zoom lens and just plain reading more.  But, it’s probably more about just practice, trying new angles and just keeping the camera by our side that makes us better.  I often have my camera on auto since I’m still learning how to use the manual setting again.  That’s where the photography class would come in handy.  I’m a book learner.

For photography processing, I usually start with the image in Lightroom.  I’ve just been introduced to Lightroom this year and it saves me a lot of processing time.

In Lightroom: adjust the exposure, work on the blacks, crop, add a vignette, increase clarity, vibrance or saturation. Then when I like what I see in Lightroom, then I open the edited image in Photoshop for a few more enhancements.  I learned this from Stacy’s After-Before Friday Forum.
In Photoshop:  Review again for saturation, exposure, use burning tool where necessary, unsharp mask if necessary.

This part is still in the making since I’ve not even started it.  Hopefully in the near future.  Sorry… the ball is still bouncing.  I’ve got to get back to those piles of paper on my desk.


  1. Karen, what a great post! Loved learning more about you! I laughed at the photo of your desk next to your post-in-process on the computer screen. I can sooo relate. And I have to admit I’ve often wondered about the cooking side of your blog, so it was fun to hear about how that started and led you into photoblogging.

    What kind of book did you want to write? I’ve always been in awe of anyone who can dream up a plot that will keep my attention riveted for 200-300 pages (or more). It is a skill I wish I had, but like you, I find that the creative outlet of WordPress is a good one.

    So glad we met up in this vast network that is WordPress. If memory serves, there was a photo of an old barn, an old car, and some adorable chicks that first caught my eye 🙂 Blogging friends? You betcha. I’m honored you feel the same way. And for the record, my open door invitation to you if you’re ever in DC is still in force 🙂

    1. I so enjoyed reading your response. I think we may all imagine that everyone else has all the time in the world to write their posts and prepare the images for photoblogging. I’m sorry and happy to learn that your juggling so many things too. It gives me an even greater respect for your work on Visual Venturing. As for the book, maybe one of these days. It would have to be a historical fiction with a romantic twist or maybe a suspense murder mystery.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your behind the scenes post. You should write your book. Your writing is candid, honest and unaffected.

    1. Thanks so much. I may still take on that challenge after I am no longer working. That time is approaching faster than I can image. LOL – the good and the bad of growing older. 🙂

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