My nerves were frayed to the limit when the hubby brought this baby snake into the house in his gloved hand.  I’m in the dining room working on my blog as he places the snake near my face to introduce us.  After a well deserved tantrum on my part, we took the snake back outdoors to release it.  That’s when the little bugger (not the hubby) coiled up and attempted to do his first rattle.   Hubby’s lucky that he picked the young critter up with a heavy-glove as it did turn out to be a rattler of sorts.  My guess is it’s a Razorback.


Baby Razorback Snake
Baby Razorback Snake

The snake was actually much more translucent then shown below because if it’s age. The exposure was decreased so that you would be able to see the definition of snake.   To see more of the Weekly Photo Challenge click HERE


  1. Another thought…is there ever just one?

  2. A tantrum that you well deserve to repeat on every re-read, re-think of this post!

    1. There have been several conversations around the fire at the cabin about the nature of this snake and I still give the Greek a hard time whenever it comes up. One of friends looked at the picture and thinks it may have been a garter snake. It seems they mimic rattlers when afraid. Regardless, I would still have a tantrum.

      1. Once, a lifetime ago, I lived in Africa for several years. One day I found a small snake had crawled into my room. I got it out with a broom and a friend killed it by dropping a spade on its head. I asked him (he was a native) if he thought it was poisonous. He calmly replied, “They are ALL poisonous!” I later learned that this is typical: every African thinks every snake is poisonous…it’s just safer that way. (Oh, by that night I had a strip of an old tire cut and screwed onto the bottom of my door as a skirt. No more uninvited guests for me, if I could help it!)

  3. Wow that’s so cool! Here in New Zealand, we don’t have snakes, so naturally I find them really cool! The closest thing we have to snakes are tuataras, which are a type of dinosaur that’s still around, but they have legs and everything.

    1. One of my friends also noted to me in an email.. where’s the momma… where’s the poppa… be careful around enclosed places. I hear that they stay away as long as we leave them alone. At least I hope.

    1. I still can’t believe he brought it into the house.

  4. What a cool find and a great story. I’m glad to know he wore a heavy glove and momma wasn’t around. Great image!

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