Proud Gun’s Legacy

His name is Proud Gun’s Legacy and he won my heart and touched my soul the moment he nuzzled his warm soft nose against the palm of my hand.  He had the curiosity only a baby could have but was still a little on the shy side.   He is only 4 days old and I was surprised that he was curious enough to step towards me as I photographed him and talked to Brent, his owner, about him.  He’s a delightful colt stallion still testing his legs, developing his charm and already making his way with the ladies. 

Here he is posing for his very first portrait nestled against his mom. 

My First Portrait
My First Portrait

Brent has a way with animals and a special method for training his horses.  He handles the young daily with a soft yet firm touch.  He wrapped his arms around Legacy and held him almost cheek to cheek, developing a trust and bond between himself and this young stallion. Okay, now you can see why my heart was melting away at seeing how proud Brent was of his little guy.

Brent and Legacy

Brent, his owner, told me the story of how he searched many years for first the perfect Hashknife mare and found Pockets, who is from the Babbitt Ranch in Northern Arizona. Brent then spent several more years searching for his perfect sire to mate with Pockets and then did find a stallion to match her stride.

Legacy, the young colt’s nickname, was named in honor of Brent’s Uncle, Mike Pock, who recently passed away.  Mr. Pock was well-known in the golfing communities in the Scottsdale Arizona area as he was instrumental in building several prominent courses such as Troon, Predator and Greyhawk.

Legacy at Rest
Legacy at Rest

He was a newborn when the pictures were taken.  His home is the Tilting H Ranch & Cherry Creek Lodge where he was born to a striking mare, Pockets.  Gus and I spent a few days at the Lodge and Ranch.  How lucky for us to see this colts on his first few days of life.  To find out more about Cherry Creek Lodge and Titling H Ranch, visit their website at  Or, also check out the Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’.  What better describes Summer Lovin’ than the love between this young stallion and his mother. 

13 thoughts on “Proud Gun’s Legacy

      1. Thank you so much for writing this and the pics. This is my brother Brent and my Unlce Mike. My brother has a way with horses it is like watching art happen. I was blessed to be there the day his sweet baby was born. reading this made me cry and remember so many wonderful times with both my favorite Unlce and my big brother. Thank you so very much. Joy


        1. Hello Joy. So happy to hear from you. I was very lucky to meet your brother, his famly and little Legacy. Your brother Brent’s story about Legacy and Uncle Mike was so heart warming that I had to share it. I am glad they sent it on to you as well. My best wishes to you. Karen


  1. Hi Karen, Thank you so much for the wonderful article on our new addition to the family! We loved having you and your husband as our guest. Looking forward to seeing you again!


    Brent and Sheri Bentley
    Cherry Creek Lodge

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