Callwood Relic Rum Distillery

This distillery at Cane Garden Bay in Tortola, BVI has been in operation for 400 years and run by the same Callwood family for the duration.  It’s a relic of its own making.  This rum still is the original creation of metal works and has been brewing rums for the Callwood family for these 400 years.  

Original Still Making a Fresh Batch
Original Still Making a Fresh Batch

We were greeted by a nice young man who took us on a short tour of the building.  He’s the next generation of the Callwoods.  Gus had to take home a sample of their spiced rum, but we’ve yet to try it.  

Callwood Rum Store
Callwood Rum Store

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  1. neihtn2012 says:

    400 years! It must be good rum.

  2. We were there 25 years ago and still have a bit of their rum left. It only gets handed out in tiny portions because it is so good!

    1. kcinaz says:

      Isn’t it great to find such great places on our travels. Makes for wonderful memories that last a long time.

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