Sunset Sail with Extra Extra

Enjoying another extra vacation here at the beautiful beaches of Aruba. Went off for a Sunset Sail on the Pelican catamaran which was much more than expected. The first extra, the captain and mates accompanied the music with bar equipment for drums and the other ladies on board went extra out of their way to attempt to teach me and Britt how to do the slide. Sorry, nothing helped. After we enjoyed a splendid dinner at the Pelican Restaurant overlooking the ocean. Great Food.

None of these pictures have had any editing.

6 thoughts on “Sunset Sail with Extra Extra

    1. Thanks bunches. I have a fun pic of an iguana on the beach towel wirh my white sunglasses that i need to post out. We were feeding them marachino cherries. I love those little guys.


    1. I had my toes done up special for a change and it matched the life belt quite well.

      Wait till you see some of my other Iguana pictures. We were feeding them maraschino cherries. They’re actually quite cute too when they are smaller.


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