Catching a few winks, this little Hawaiian Monk Seal was sleeping on a beach in Kauai. It’s almost as though he was giving us a wave or high-five as he turned to sun his other side.  This one might be a stretch for the weekly photo challenge, but the wave only lasted a moment before he sighed and dropped it to his side and went back to sleep.



Photoshop:  I finally got tired of typing in my signature for each picture and created an action to add it automatically. Had totally forgotten about actions.  🙂


  1. Oooh…I love Kauai. So beautiful.
    I have photos of a Hawaiian Monk seal too, lounging on the beach at Poipu.
    It looks like the seal is waving at me, but it is really brushing sandy water from its eyes. Some people thought the seal was sick, and they wanted to help it get back into the ocean water. A lady volunteer from the Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team had to explain to the concerned people walking by–that the seal had come to the beach to get some desperately needed some rest.

    1. Great link on your waving Hawaiian Monk Seal. Do you think mine was the same breed?

      1. Without a doubt…your photo is of one of the Hawaiian monk seals. I have seen quite a few on the beach at Poipu…they seem to like it there. I saw a few on the beach near the Kilauea lighthouse too ( also on Kauai). They are a very endangered species. There is a fine for touching or disturbing the Hawaiian Monk seals while they are trying to sleep on the beach. Some of the tourists disregard the warning signs and bother the seals anyway…..and end up paying the price! It’s an expensive mistake.

  2. So lovely! I love how this seal is just languishing in the sand…

    1. I was amazed at how many people were coming by to look at him as he lazed around. He didn’t even care.

      1. Ha ha that’s awesome! I guess that’s the secret to true happiness, doing what you truly want without caring what people think…

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