We were tossing out bread pieces trying to attract fish for the snorkelers but this sneaky fellow got in on the act in a split second and stole off with the goods. This is my first post after returning from the British Virgin Islands aboard the catamaran Sealandia where this seagull stole off with his treasured meal.




  1. Welcome back, Karen! This photo is absolutely stunning – the white gull against the sparkling blue water and capturing it clutching the bread in its beak! Just wow!!

    1. Thanks bunches. I always get teased about taking so many pictures of birds on vacation but it’s worth it. 1 of 1500, but not all birds.

    1. Thanks, Greg. I was so glad that I was already taking pictures of the fish frenzy. It’s going to take me awhile to go through 1500 pictures from the trip!

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