Little Cub

We watched this little bundle of fur while in Cabo San Lucas Mexico a few years back.  I think he is a lion cub but if someone notices differently, please feel free to correct me.   If remembered right, he had a small injury on his nose that was healing and that is why he was in the refuge.  He may have been abandoned by his pride. It was delightful to watch him eat and the look on the lady’s face was priceless. Please do not use the pictures with the couple for any commercial purposes as there is no model release.  Please contact me for any other use.

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  1. ubecute says:

    He is gorgeous. The look in his eyes is amazing. He looks so powerful and docile at the same time. Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. kcinaz says:

      Thanks so much. I just loved how he looked in these pictures. hard to believe he would grow up to be a dangerous animal.

      1. ubecute says:

        Nature always wins 🙂

  2. SPFischer says:

    Oh, Karen, he is a gorgeous animal, and you captured wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Brought a smile to my face 🙂

    1. kcinaz says:

      Thanks, Stacy. I thought he was so precious. I am just imagining back in the wild now enjoying the open range.

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