Trumpet Player

I can’t quit talking about New Orleans and I hope you’re not getting bored. Sorry, it is one of my newbie favorite places and I just can’t get enough of sharing it.  In Jackson Square there was so much to be seen and heard. Music was at every corner. Carriage rides were lined up for anyone and everyone to choose, though we did feel a little sorry for the poor burden horses that looked a little less pleased to be there.   Along, the first stretch of Jackson Square were the local artist selling their wares.  Then at the end of the first stretch of the square were all the street musicians. We found two that completely intrigued us. Excitement was abound when we came along a trumpet player who was my favorite. He was accompanied by a guitar (sitar?) player but the star was the big man himself. Regardless, there is something for everyone in New Orleans. Gotta go there. Gotta go back!

Trumpet Player at Jackson Square
Trumpet Player at Jackson Square

We are heading for the Caribbean in about a week so look forward to a change up the beaches, waves and the British Virgin Islands. This is one of my oldie favorite places to be.

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