Four Birds Sun Bathing

Beach Birds Catching a Few Rays
Beach Birds Catching a Few Rays

This picture was taken on Paradise Island Nassau with my old and trusty MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA (DiMAGE X). So, that accounts for the somewhat lower resolution image. But I still enjoyed sneaking up on them and catching a few shots. I couldn’t believe the just stood there and occasionally re-positioned themselves just out of my reach.

6 thoughts on “Four Birds Sun Bathing

    1. Hi Levi. I did try the frog legs at the BBQ festival. I’m sorry… I thought I had replied to you and now find it’s not here. They were really good but I don’t think I would ever be able to make them.


    1. Stacy, I am so lucky. I’m getting ready to hit the Caribbean again at the end of the month. I know… I just got home a 2 days ago from New Orleans, but this time Mr. Hubby is going too. BVI at Tortola.. here I come. We will be on the small catamaran which is delightful. Gotta love the beaches and surf.


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