Brick Building with Gas Lettering
Brick Building with Gas Lettering

Found this great brick building with the lettering on the outside of the building that spelled GAS. I’m sure it had been there a long time. This image has been enhanced using Photoshop.

I looked up where I think this was taken and I think it was in a historical old town – almost a ghost town – Virginia City, Montana. This was taken during the same time as when I was at the Rodeo in the same area. A wonderful trip and lots of good memories.


    1. Thanks bunches. I love old brick with vintage signage painted on it. Was lucky to find this.

    1. Thanks. I love finding historical advertising on old brick buildings. 🙂

  1. Many gas chambers used in the holocaust were made of red brick. That’s sort of a sad photo (maybe it’s my history major and Jewish upbringing coming out!).

    1. Oh my gosh. This didn’t even cross my mind from that perspective. But then I knew where it came from. It’s actually the outside of a building in a small historical town named Virginia City in Montana. It was probably to show where to get automotive gas as people drove through the town in their early automobiles.

  2. Hi, Karen! This was a wonderful find for this week’s photo challenge. It would be interesting to learn the history of it 🙂 Great enhancements (love the purple)!

    1. At first I thought it was in Idaho but actually in a historical somewhat ghost town in Virginia City, Montana. It’s on the outside of a building and was probably the marker for getting gas a the local station.

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