This famous and picturistic  fountain is in the quaint mountain village of Spili, Crete in the heart of the city.  It seems to be more of a tourist attraction but is a wonderful site to see.  Spili is a mountain village that is located about 30 km south of Rethymnon.   It is a small village of about 700 inhabitants and an easy visit along the road to Agia Galini on the south coast. The name Spili is derived from ‘spileon’ meaning ‘cave’ because of a cave that is nearby the village.   We found Spili a delightful place to visit.

Spili Fountain Lone Lion
Spili Fountain Lone Lion
Spili Fountain Vanishing Point
Spili Fountain Vanishing Point



  1. How did I miss seeing this post last week?? I love the shot you call Vanishing Point. Too funny about your iStock photo story. So glad you decided (rightfully) that yours was post-worthy!

  2. The photo looks great. I’ve never seen anything like that so of course i enjoyed gaping!

  3. Love the shot of the “pride” of lions. How ever did you get them to line up like that? 🙂

    1. I had to chop the head off the first one so they lined up like a proper pride. Cropping you know. Good to hear from you. 🙂

  4. I love these pictures – especially the one of all the lion heads in a row. Very cool!

    1. Thank you so much. I wasn’t as happy with it at first until I saw one similar to on iStock photo when I was researching the area and then thought… mine looks as good as theirs. 🙂 We are sometimes more critical than what we should be.

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