In the Shadows
In the Shadows

While sitting in our dining room enjoying dinner at the cabin we spotted a deer crossing the lower forest area along the east side of our land. We enjoy three acres of land so there is ample area for the wildlife to attempt to sneak across unnoticed.

I couldn’t resist and had to jump up from the table and desert our company to go try to capture a picture. I’m not sure why this image is so grainy as I had the camera set to Camera Raw trying to get more vivid images. Anyway, it was dinner hour and it was getting darker to the east so that may have contributed. Regardless, I was able to catch him stopping to look at me anyway.

I did do some considerable editing in Photoshop for me especially since it was dusk and I shot the picture in Camera Raw manual settings.  I’ve been experimenting with manual settings again to retrain myself away from the easy auto settings the Nikon D60 camera offers.   The exposure was way off and after adjusting it I was very surprised to see the colors come to life.  Also, in Camera Raw, the white balance was changed to shade, blacks increased considerably (maybe too much) and exposure was corrected.   Once in Photoshop, I used auto levels, saturation was upped for green and lowered for blue and exposure was again checked.  This was all mostly because in my haste to grab the camera, not check the settings and scramble out the door before he left the area.  My settings unfortunately were f/5.6 1/125 and ISO 1600.  Not ideal but probably typical for an amateur photography.


    1. Yes. I started using it before the blog. I sometimes put a link in for the max size image incase someone shook ever want to buy a picture. Wishful thinking. Not a good get rich scheme.

      1. I also started using smugmug before the blog. I just wanted a place to house photos. I

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