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Street Life: Crete Market Place

The markets in Crete made me think of times past with their vivid displays of fruits, vegetables and other delectable goods for sale.

6 thoughts on “Street Life: Crete Market Place

  1. Love the shot of the man with the big chunk of meat!

    1. I loved the shot too but he was less than happy I took it.

  2. I love going to markets when I’m traveling and this one on Crete looks like a good one. I rarely buy anything but that doesn’t stop me from having a good look-see.

    1. I like you don’t buy much but love looking at all the colorful displays and enjoy the energy in the market. I love taking pictures of well thought out displays.,,, I’m still waiting for my pasta machine to make your ravioli!

      1. Now, I’m anxious for you! 🙂

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